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Product Features:

Slim, bright, versatile and envirnmentally frienldy, Centch offeres LED edge-lit light panels that can take you place a bulky fluorescent light box that never could!

PFT is our another  super slim flat frame but with different design, it is more like an illuminated poster, and it uses a good quality long life LED,but not premium like the FC type, The span life is around 50000-60000hours.

Compare to EFT type, it’s wider than EFT but thinner than EFT. Also, It has a 2-piece extrusion, with this special design you can open the frame by the inner piece, which allows the board to be recessed into a wall or displayed side by side without causing any unsightly gaps between the wall.

The max. size for PFT is 60x120cm( 24”x37”), it only can be available with single sided



 Graphic Size(Max.)

60x120cm (24”x37”) 

Uniformity ratio of illumination 


Thickness SS


Luminous Flux


 Color of Frame


power-coated black finish

 Operatiing Case temperature




Indoor only 

 70% luminous maintenace











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