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Company Overview

Centch Electronics (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd was founded in 2004, with offices in U.S.A and Canada. Our products are exported to North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. As a leader in the LED adverting lighting field, we keep focusing on the innovation of LED lighting's uniformity, energy-saving and environmental sustainability.

Over the years, Centch has successfully created some renowned brands, Including ASTEROID, CENTCH, SIDERAY, BACKLIT etc. A number of patents have thus been awarded.Numerous world-class brands confidently chosen our advertising signs and LED lighting solutions.

Now Centch lighting products are widely used in many international airports, subway stations, transportation hubs and bus shelters in over 30 countries. More and more world-leading outdoor media companies start cooperating with us. In particular, our LED signs and LED lights have been installed as official street demonstration projects in Shanghai high traffic zones. 

In the last decade, numerous world-class brands have confidently chosen our advertising signs and LED services.

Our Vision- A high-efficiency, energy-saving solution and a pleasant visual experience with unlimited imaginations.

Our Slogan-Simply Brilliant.


Business Philosophy


Value Our Employees

Employees are the source of our development. The company relies on our employees to make progress, and vise visa.  We respect our employees’ value and the creativity.

With trust and effective motivations, the company and its employees share the passion in the entrepreneurship and harvest.

This way, the pursuit of personal values and corporate values are in parallel.

Customers First

Offering higher quality product is our responsibility, we are always proud of the quality. Centch will illuminate your signs, and then stand behind you when you cultivate a brilliant brand.

Outstanding Products ONLY

The core team of Centch Electronics have solid technical knowledge.

A professional design team and various laboratories are always keeping back to you when youneed.  In each product design, we conduct a thorough research and repeated tests on the lighting shapes, performances, reliable electrical specifications, heat sink, aesthetic appearance, installation convenience and safety. 

In the producing process, we only source the highest quality materials, and manufacture with the best craftsmanship.

Every production process and shipment are strictly controlled to meet the ISO9001standards, Our products certified by UL, CE, and RoHS.  

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