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Product Features:

Slim, bright, versatile and envirnmentally frienldy, Centch offeres LED edge-lit light panels that can take you place a bulky fluorescent light box that never could!

JF is our Economical type with super slim flat frame both for single and double sided light box. It uses a good quality long life LED with the span life around 50000-60000hours.

Compare to EFT and PFT, it can be available both for single and double sided. Compare to FC type, the price is more cost-effective.

Also, it will come with a PET cover to protect the poster.


The width of frame is 21mm and the thickness of frame is 19mm.

The max. size of single sided is 100*150cm(40”x60”) and 60*90cm for double sided.( 24”x36”)







 Graphic Size(Max.)

100x150cm (40”x60”) 

Uniformity ratio of illumination 


Thickness SS


Luminous Flux


 Color of Frame


power-coated black finish

 Operatiing Case temperature




Indoor only 

 70% luminous maintenace











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