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In 2012
Hongkong Comany: Titan Technology Group Limited was founded
In 2011
We set up branch office in Vancouver and built warehouse in Seattle
In 2010
sideray light box and forward billboard light fixtures were developed successfully and applied SIDERAY ,iBillboard as the trademark
In 2009
We invested the second SMT production line and wave soldering production line
In 2008
Centch successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CARMANAH
In 2007
high power LED was successfully used in backlit light box, and applied for back-lit technology patent certificate with BACKLIT trademark
In 2006
the first SMT production line was set up, and passed ISO9001 certificate
In 2005
LED buckle and LED writing boards were developed, and obtained writing board patent; Meanwhile, we got enterprise self-management import and export qualification certificate, and set up electrooptical port
In June 2004
China's first piece of LED electronic badges was designed
In April 2004
Shanghai Centch electronics was established



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