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Centch Electronic was established in Shanghai

2004-08-16 | Source:Centch News | Hits:

Centch Electronics(Shanghai) was established in 2004, beginning designing and producing LED in lighting source application.
In 2006, we signed a cooperation agreement with CARMANAH, the world wide famous enterprise in LED solar beacon light and lamp, and work together ever since.
With our effort on continuous innovation and breakthrough,Centch have obtained a number of patented technology, including cut-edge BACKLIT® SIDERAY ® IBILLBOARD ® products, leading the LED advertising lighting trend and widely applied in Shanghai, Beijing airport, subways and Lujiazui Financial zoon.
Super high standard on quality control management system as well as production process guarantee high reliability of products.
By now, Centch has been the polit in LED illuminated signs and programmable control technology, and we will grow up together with high efficiency and green, energy saving LED advertising signs and lighting.



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